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The Byrna HD is a gas fired non lethal personal security device that shoots 68 caliber chemical irritant, kinetic, and inert projectiles.

The Byrna HD is available in Safety Orange, Black, Desert Tan, Grey, Green and Hot Pink.

**** SPECIAL ***** Purchase the Byrna HD ready kit and receive 95 Kinetic Projectile pack for valued at R196 for FREE!!


Byrna HD Chemical Irritant projectiles, Byrna Black. Upon impact, the rounds explode and create a cloud of powdered irritants.  Inhalation of the powder and eye exposure will cause respiratory coughing and eye irritation, respectively. Byrna Black projectiles contain pepper spray (OC), tear gas (CS), and PAVA.


Our Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles do not contain any active or inert ingredients and deliver a kinetic payload that can discourage, deter, and delay an attacker as well as provide useful training, without the necessity of traveling to a practice range. These training rounds do NOT break upon impact.

They are .68 caliber kinetic solid projectiles designed to be shot from the Byrna HD.

** Magazine not included.
** Please exercise caution while using.


Be prepared and practice your shot with a box of 500 Byrna Inert projectiles.

Filled with inert powder, our Byrna HD Inert Projectiles are the perfect way to practice shooting your Byrna HD Launcher and practice loading your Byrna HD Magazines.

These are .68 caliber inert projectiles designed to be shot from the Byrna HD.