The Byrna HD (Home Defense) is a compact non-lethal personal security device developed by Byrna Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:BYRN). We believe it to be the safest and most effective non-lethal self-defense weapon on the market today.

The Byrna HD shoots .68 caliber projectiles that are filled with a powerful chemical irritant. The projectiles are designed to burst upon impact and disperse a cloud of powerful pepper, PAVA and tear gas powder.

The Byrna HD is manufactured using glass-reinforced polymers and aircraft grade aluminum. It contains more than 100 precision parts, incorporating technology from both real firearms and gas-fired launchers.

The Byrna HD is roughly the size of a compact 9mm handgun. We sell tactical holsters that have been custom designed to comfortably hold your Byrna HD as well as nylon holsters designed for compact 9mm handguns.  Here is the product spec sheet for more information.

No. The Byrna HD is much more powerful than a paintball gun and will cause the paintball to rupture upon firing. This will permanently damage the Byrna HD. For this reason, you should not use the Byrna HD for paintball and using it with incompatible non-Byrna® projectiles or CO2 canisters may void your warranty.

No. The Byrna HD should never be pointed or fired at the head, neck or back. When it is empty the force of the gas at close range, could cause serious injury or death.

The Byrna HD is available in 7-color: Bright Yellow, Safety Orange, Hot Pink, Desert Tan, Grey, Green, and Black. The Byrna HD is intended for self-defense in situations where police are not present to offer assistance and should not be drawn when police or armed security personnel are present. Byrna HD's are not equipped with an orange tip to identify them as toys because they are not toys, and we do not sell to anyone under 18.

Use of the Byrna HD offensively or in furtherance of a crime is illegal and may subject you to civil and criminal penalties, including incarceration.

You should never draw your Byrna HD in the presence of a police officer acting in his professional capacity or you may be shot.

We recommend you check individual airline and airport regulations, (all of which are subject to change) before traveling with your Byrna HD. Domestic airline carriers may allow you to carry an unloaded Byrna HD, or similar launcher like a paintball or airsoft gun, in checked luggage.

Most airlines do not permit the transport of CO2 cartridges or self-defense rounds, so we recommend ordering them to be delivered to your intended destination before traveling by air.

Our Byrna HD Max Kits, Byrna HD Pepper Kits, and Byrna HD Kinetic Kits comes with two 8-gram Byrna® CO2 cartridges. There is no standard size among suppliers so we recommend you use Byrna® brand cartridges which may be purchased from our online store. Use of non-conforming cartridges may compromise your Byrna HD’s performance and may damage your Byrna HD, voiding your warranty.

Byrna® CO2 cartridges have a virtually indefinite shelf life. The cartridge is not pierced until the trigger is pulled so you can always keep an un-punctured CO2 cartridge in your Byrna HD to maximize its utility for self-defense. The Byrna HD incorporates puncture technology to allow it to fire on the first trigger pull. We recommend loading a new CO2 cartridge after every sustained use of the Byrna HD because once the cartridge is punctured CO2 will leak out over a 24-hour period.

A single Byrna® CO2 cartridge should consistently fire ten .68 caliber pepper-filled, inert, or training projectiles. It may fire up to 20 projectiles, but we recommend replacing the CO2 cartridge after 2 magazines for maximum performance.

Yes. Please refer to the Operating Manual.

No. Byrna® projectiles are manufactured for use with the Byrna HD pursuant to our specifications. Third party rounds are not tested for use with the Byrna HD and may not match our specifications or be as effective. Non-Byrna® rounds may break inside the magazine or barrel or get stuck and void your warranty.